Most recent episodes from the stopGOstop podcast…..

  • 087: Rosco White with a Half-Wax Blend

    Rosco White with a Half-Wax Blend is a slow plotting quintet of sine wave-based software instruments. It concludes a trilogy of compositions that have thought about work and labor within a musical context. Each was scored for traditional instruments […]

  • 086: T.M.O.

    The episode begins with low-slow-open synth sounds that form a disjointed, yet repetitive theme. Sonically the first section features two synths, both rich in delay and field manipulation. The second section expands on the themes, slowly at […]

  • 085: A Durable Object

    A new composition featuring a software orchestra, computer-controlled synthesizers, and processed field recordings. The piece fully embraces traditional scoring techniques, tonality, and meter. Sonically the midi-controlled flutes, […]