Most recent episodes from the stopGOstop podcast…..

  • 095: Trusting wholly to the loadstone

    Episode 95 takes the speech and rhythmic patterns of episode 94, Arcadia, and uses it as data points, as signal to create voltage envelopes, as a way to create patterns and tones. The title is extracted from Thomas Moore’s Utopia, … […]

  • 094: Arcadia

    A sound collage featuring Space 1999, Vice President Wallace, Triangles, Gravity, and Bayes Rule alongside field recordings and digital signal manipulation. stopGOstop is produced by John Wanzel. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast via […]

  • 093: Field Notes

    A collage of binaural and stereo field recordings: a walk near my house in Mount Vernon, NY; a recording from my backyard as I trim a few trees; a recording alongside the a man-made lake near Highway 44 in suburban … Continue reading &rarr […]